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Frequently Asked Questions Butler

Why did Butler & BUBeWell partner with Preventia & LifeOmic?

Demand for mental health services is growing, and to ensure students are seen by a professional in a timely manner, the Counseling & Consultation Services Center looked for a solution to supplement their services. The Butler Administration selected the holistic wellness solution from Preventia and LifeOmic because it connects students to care providers and also helps students track areas that relate to their overall health - including sleep, exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness.

What is the LIFE Extend app (by LifeOmic)?

LIFE Extend is a free, Precision Health app designed to improve your health span - with five scientifically proven pillars of health. You can improve your health together with others, using evidence-based educational content to help you live a healthier and happier life. Using the LIFE Extend app enables access to mental health counseling and coaching provided by Preventia.

How do I download the apps?

Step 1: Download the LIFE Extend App: To sign up for LIFE Extend as a Butler student, click here. Signing up through that link (and downloading the Preventia app below) will give Butler students access to mental health services provided by Preventia.

Step 2: Download the Preventia App here.


The LIFE Extend and Preventia apps are integrated, so once you download both – you will NOT have to use separate apps. It will look and feel like one experience, and LIFE Extend will be the app you will open to engage in the full experience.

Step 3: Open the LIFE Extend app and click on the Preventia tile and follow the flow answering a few lifestyle-based questions. Then select a Provider and schedule based on their availability that works best for you.

What is Preventia?

Preventia is a virtual-care first application that connects users to credentialed care providers who specialize in lifestyle, mental, and behavioral health.

How does mental health support from Preventia work?

Preventia provides mental health services to students in the form of both counseling and coaching. As a student, you are eligible for up to ten mental health sessions. You can access the mental & behavioral health care providers and schedule an appointment through the Preventia Care tile in LIFE Extend.

Preventia Tile

How do I schedule an appointment for mental health services?

From LIFE Extend, click on the Preventia Care tile and follow the flow answering a few lifestyle-based questions. Then, select a provider, schedule an appointment, and begin your care journey. If you cannot find any open appointments with any of the providers, contact the Counseling & Consultation Services center for assistance.

What type of mental health care will I have access to?

Butler has worked with Preventia to provide ten mental health sessions for each student. These sessions provide an opportunity to address a wide variety of typical mental health issues and concerns, such as stress, anxiety, grief counseling, depression, etc. Our care providers are all licensed mental health counselors, therapists, or credentialed health and wellness coaches with additional training in mental health first aid or behavioral health.

Mental Health Counselors and Therapists are equipped to help you with traditional therapy that addresses clinical issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma. Lifestyle-Based Health & Wellness Coaches work with you to create action steps to get “unstuck” in a specific area and are trained to refer you to a counselor or therapist should you need it.

Can I invite family and friends to use LIFE Extend?

Yes, you can. They will not have access to Butler’s mental health coaching through Preventia, but they will have access to all of the other app features, such as healthy habit tracking, social features, educational content, and existing LIFE Extend personalized wellness coaches. They can book sessions with the LIFE Extend wellness coaches and pay a fee per coaching session.

Do I have to track my mindfulness, nutrition, etc., in order to get mental health services?

No, you don’t. We believe that healthy habits are linked to overall wellness, including mental health. We encourage you to use those parts of the app, but you are able to access mental health services without using those features.

I already have a LIFE Fasting account. How can I access mental health coaching?

You can add mental health services if you are a Butler student by clicking on this link: You’ll have to authenticate with Butler to log in, and you’ll gain access to mental health coaching.

What if I need more than ten sessions? Can I pay for them out of pocket, or with insurance, or do I need to seek some other counseling outside of Preventia?

If more sessions are needed after the ten free sessions through Preventia, the counseling center on campus can assist you to help you find a solution that works for your situation. The staff there can help you decide the best path for you, which may include on-campus counseling or working with a fee for service provider.

How can I look at the introductory course again?

From the app Home Screen, click the profile button in the bottom right corner. Then click on the gear icon in the top right. You’ll see a list of options, including an onboarding guide button.

I am having issues with the LIFE Extend mobile app. Who can I contact for help?

You can get support for the LIFE Extend application by visiting

I am having problems accessing mental health services. Who can I contact for help?

While in the Preventia tile, you will be able to get help by clicking on the settings icon. This will give you access to both the User Guide (Technology Help) and a feedback form for requesting help, reporting bugs, and giving suggestions for improvements. You can also reach out to the Butler Counseling Services Center for assistance.

The User guide can also be accessed at

Preventia Help Access