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Add Data Overview

The Add Data tab on the left side of PHC lets you use a CSV file to import names and demographic information. The imported individuals become PHC subjects and members of the project that the PHC admin is logged into.

If you want to add the subject to an additional project, complete the Add a user to a group with the Users tab procedure.

Note: The imported data is Patient resource data, as defined by v3.0.2: STU 3 of the FHIR Specification.

  1. In PHC, click the Add Data tab on the left of the screen.

    Add Data Main

  2. Click the Download CSV Template button in the red box labeled "1".

  3. The template opens in the designated application on your computer such as Excel.

    Add Data Spreadsheet

  4. Complete the spreadsheet with the information for your subjects and follow these guidelines:

    • Caution: Do not type over the first row of the spreadsheet that contains the formatted cells. Add new rows below this existing row.
    • Match the format of your input to the template to avoid errors. If you get the formatting wrong, you will get an error message when importing the data.
    • The phone number and DOB/DOD formats are shown in parentheses on the template. Take care to match the format AND include the parentheses. Not doing so will result in an incorrect formatting and an error importing the file.
    • If you are missing information, you can add it to the subject later in PHC.
    • An email address is required to send the individual an invitation.
    • #ID - This is the subject ID in PHC and is a UUID like bb8dbda4-90b0-4aa9-8146-38e916d0802a. This ID matches the ending of the URL of the subject's subject viewer page. If you do not provide an ID#, PHC assigns one.
  5. Save the CSV file to your computer.

  6. Return to the Add Data page of PHC and click the Upload CSV button in the blue box labeled "2".

  7. Select the file you saved in Step 5 and click Open.

  8. PHC previews the import data. If you've forgotten some data, have more subjects to add, or need to change the format of the information, return to the CSV file, make those edits, and save them. Then return to the PHC Add Data page you were previously on and click Retry CSV Upload. The table should update with the changes.

    Add Data Verify

  9. When everything looks correct, click the Import button in the blue header.

    Note: If you've formatted something incorrectly, you will get an error message similar to the image below. Click Done then repeat step 7 until this no longer persists.

    Add Data Error

  10. If you have everything successfully formatted, you will get a success message.

    Add Data Success

  11. Verify the addition of the subjects to your project by clicking on the Subjects tab on the left side of PHC. You should see your new subjects in the table.