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Marketplace Overview

Marketplace is a community-driven exchange of resources developed by LifeOmic and third-parties. It is a central repository for sharing functionality within LifeOmic products. Users can view and download the resources, such as OCR report extractors, ontologies, consents, or surveys.

In the future, third-party developers can offer resources they created through Marketplace. Resources can be offered publicly to all LifeOmic users or restricted to certain organizations. Future development will also allow third-party developers to receive payments from users.

Access Control

User needs to belong to the default Admin group or have those permissions to complete this procedure. To add a user to the default Admin group, complete the Add a user to a group with the Users tab procedure.

View and Load Marketplace Apps

  1. On the PHC left side menu, click Marketplace to open the Marketplace and login automatically.
  2. Scroll through the tiles or use the search field to find a resource. Hovering over the tile reveals the category of resource, such as Survey or Ontology. Marketplace Landing Page
  3. Entering a search term displays the Search Results page.
    1. Click a category on the left side of the page to filter results.
    2. Click the Filters button to open the Advanced Filters option. Use the Tags field to search for and select a tag to pinpoint tagged results. Marketplace Landing Page
  4. Click a resource tile to display details and click Install to load the resource. Marketplace Install
  5. If a sign in screen appears, click Sign in with SSO.
  6. On the Review your order screen, click Continue.
  7. On the next screen, if prompted enter any displayed parameters, such as account or project, and click Install.
  8. On the Success! screen, click the icon to reveal the menu and click My Installs. Marketplace Confirm
  9. On the My Installs screen, confirm the installation appears.
  10. Return to PHC to use the installed resource.