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PHC-ME lets subjects use their mobile device to supply information to PHC. It uses a simple web interface, and the user is not required to download an app from an app store.

To use PHC-ME, the PHC admin configures an Engagement Flow and sends an email invitation to a PHC subject. PHC-ME is a mobile-friendly view of a normal Engagement Flow with the additional option of an OCR upload. Once the subject accepts the emailed invite on their mobile device, PHC-ME guides the user through the Engagement Flow screen by screen. You can configure an Engagement Flow to allow a subject to provide consent, supply personal information, fill out a survey, or use OCR to upload forms.

Users can also log into PHC-ME with their mobile or PC browser.

PHC-ME Information Flow

Invite Subject to PHC-ME‚Äč

  1. Complete the Add Data procedure to import a person's data as a PHC subject. Make sure the data includes the subject's email address.

  2. To request a subject's consent, demographic information, or survey input, complete the procedures in the Engagement Flow.

  3. To give subjects the ability to upload forms with their mobile phones, complete the Add Subject Upload Templates for Mobile Uploads procedure.

  4. Invite the subject from the Engagement Flow by completing an Automatic or Manual Invite. When subjects open the email invitation on their mobile device, a simple PHC-ME interface allows them to use their mobile device to supply information to PHC.

    OCR Confirm Document Upload