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Programs Overview

The Programs tab of the PHC allows you to build your own learning program to engage your subjects in a wide variety of courses (via the Life Extend app or Precision Outcomes) over a determined period of time. Activities, such as health content videos, Lifeology courses, exercises to perform, and meditations can be customized and added to your courses, tailoring a program to help your subjects achieve specific goals.

A program has one to many courses, a course has one to many days, and each day has one or more activities.

To see and utilize Programs, your account must have Programs enabled and you must have createData or deleteData privileges.

Access Control

This procedure requires Administration>Access privileges. To grant privileges, see Access Control.

How to Build a Program

To add a program and customize it for your users:

  1. Click on Programs in the left side bar of PHC.


  2. Click the Build a Program button on the bottom right of the page.

  3. On the screen that opens (see image below) complete the following steps:

    1. Click the +Upload an image button and add a photo for the program. Use a JPG, JPEG, or PNG with a maximum size of 10MB. For the best display, use a horizontal image such as 1000px x 460px

      Programs Pic

    2. Click the +Upload your logo button and add your logo. Use JPG, JPEG, or PNG. The image must be a full square such as 1000px x 1000px.

    3. Type your name (required).

    4. Type a description (required).

    5. Click Create.

    You'll return to the Programs page where your new program is listed. You may add more programs (by repeating steps two and three above) or you can continue building your program by creating a course for the program.

Create a Course for your Program

  1. Navigate to the Program in which you wish to add a course.

  2. Hover your mouse on the Program tile you wish to add a course to. The tile darkens and presents three options:

    • Settings
    • Delete
    • Open Program

    Open Program

  3. Click the Open Program button. This takes you to the Program Builder page.

  4. In the Courses tab of the Program Builder page, click the Create a Course button in the lower right of the screen.

    Create Course

  5. In the window that opens, enter:

    • Display Name
    • Description
    • Duration in days

    Course Parameters

  6. Click Create. Your new course tile displays in the Courses tab of your Program.

  7. Hover your mouse over the new Course tile. The tile darkens and presents three options:

    • Settings
    • Delete
    • Open Course button
  8. Click the Open Course button (shown in the image below) to open the Courses page.

    Open Course

  9. Hover your mouse in the column (day) you wish to add an activity; the + Add Activity button appears at the bottom right of the column.

    Add Activity

  10. Click the + Add Activity button to open the list of activities (shown in the image below).


  11. Select an activity:

    • Complete (survey)
    • Consume (healthy plants)
    • Fast (hours)
    • Learn* (Lifeology course)
    • Listen* (audio)
    • Measure (biometric) Measurable items:
      • Healthy plants
      • Body weight
      • Ketones (Moles/Volume) in blood
      • Breath acetone
      • Body height
      • Glucose (Moles/Volume) in blood
      • Blood pressure systolic & diastolic
      • Blood pressure systolic
      • Blood pressure diastolic
      • Waist circumference
      • Chest circumference
      • Neck circumference
      • Left thigh circumference
      • Right thigh circumference
      • Resting heart rate
      • Peak expiratory flow
      • Forced expiratory volume
      • Tobacco
      • Body fat percentage
      • Left hand grip strength
      • Right hand grip strength
      • Hip circumference
      • Suprailiac skinfold
    • Perform (minutes of exercise) - Has a description and a deep link
    • Photograph (photo of something)
    • Post (in Circle)
    • Practice (minutes of mindfulness)
    • Provide (information)
    • Motivate (quote)
    • Read* (article) - Links to an external article URL
    • Write* (activity sheet) - Links to an external URL (usually a PDF they can download and complete)
    • Receive (lab results) - This is tied to Ulta FHIR observations being ingested into the PHC (this autocompletes with the ingestion)
    • Sleep (hours)
    • Watch* (video) - Insert a YouTube video URL

    For activities requiring URLs (denoted above with an asterisk beside the tile name), click the preview button in the URL textbox to open the link for previewing. When finished, click the "x" in the right-hand corner to return to the Program Builder.

  12. Complete the parameters for the selected activity (these vary based on the activity chosen). For more information about adding and editing courses, see the Course Page.

  13. Click Create. You'll now see your activity listed on your Course page.

  14. Continue adding more activities OR click Publish in the header to publish your Course.

Assign Subjects to a Program

Once a program has been built you can easily assign a program to a subject:

  1. Click the Subjects tab on the left panel of PHC.
  2. Select the subject(s) by clicking the checkbox beside one or multiple subjects, or clicking the checkbox at the top of the table to select all subjects.
  3. Click the Assign action button and select Assign Program from the dropdown.
  4. Select the program from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click the Assign Program button.

Subjects then engage with the program via LifeOmic's Life Extend app and its Today tile. See the Subject Experience of Programs to learn more about the subject's experience of programs.


When updating a published program, only newly added subjects receive the updated course material.

Viewing Program Builder Data in PHC

In the PHC, users can filter for subjects in a program in the Subjects tab. Users can also view a subject's progress in a program, using the Program Progress module in Subject Viewer.

Filter Subjects in a Program

In the Subjects tab, you can filter for subjects enrolled in the Program you select:

  1. Click Subjects on the left panel of the PHC.


  2. Scroll through the filters and click the beside Programs.

  3. Select the Program from the dropdown menu that you wish to filter on and the Subjects table updates to display all subjects enrolled in the filtered program.

View a Subject's Program Progress

You can view the progress a subject has made for a program by adding the Program Progress module to your Subject Viewer layout:

  1. Click Subjects on the left panel of the PHC.


  2. Click your mouse anywhere within the subject row (except on the purple tools). This launches the Subject Viewer.

  3. In the blue header, click the Create Layout button.

  4. Click the on the top right of the Manage Layouts screen.

  5. Select the Create a New Layout tab.

  6. Give the Layout a name and description (optional).

  7. Click the Create Layout button.

  8. You'll return to the Manage Layouts page where you can click the circular button to set the new layout as default or click Done to finish creating the layout.

  9. You'll return to the Subject Viewer page in the new layout. Click the Edit Layout button in the blue header.

  10. Click the purple in the bottom right of the screen.

  11. This takes you to the Add a Module page. Click on the Build Your Own tab. Programs Build Your Own

  12. Select Program Progress from the tiles.

  13. Click the Save Layout button in the blue header to save the changes you've just made. Not doing this results in the module NOT being saved to the layout.

Programs Progress

The Program Progress module has:

  • A completion bar at the top left.
  • Assigned/Completed/All Status filtering toggles in the center.
  • A Program dropdown selector on the right for viewing the other programs the subject has been assigned.

Program Enrollment Marketplace

Users can enroll themselves into a program using the Program Enrollment Resource in LifeOmic Life Extend Marketplace.