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Survey How-to Guide

Adding a Survey to your Project

To create a new survey in your project:

  1. Navigate to the project you wish to add the survey. You can do this by selecting the appropriate project from the dropdown at the top left corner of the LifeOmic Platform.

  2. Click the Surveys tab on the left side of the screen.

  3. Click the Create Survey button in the top right corner of the survey screen.

    Survey Main

Create and Edit your Survey

  1. Internal Survey

    Decide if this will be an Internal Survey. Internal surveys are not shared with or viewed by the subject. They are for internal use only. (for example, a checklist of questions a nurse may ask each patient)

    Click the checkbox in the top right corner labeled Internal Survey to make this survey for internal use only. Leave it unchecked if you wish the subject to answer the survey questions.


    A LifeOmic Platform admin can still respond to a survey on behalf of a subject even if it is not marked as an internal survey.

  2. Name your Survey

    In the Details box, click the Edit icon. Here you can give your Survey a name and add a description. Click Save when finished.

  3. Title your Survey Page

    Click the Edit icon beside Page 1 to rename this page of your survey. (Surveys can be one or many pages. Each page can be named and each page is saved when the participant clicks Next to advance to the next page.)

  4. Add Custom Messaging (optional) to your Survey

    You can choose to display custom text upon survey completion rather than the default message. See Custom Messaging for more details.

  5. Add your Questions

    Read more about Choosing your Questions in the detailed section below.

Custom Messaging

The default text box that displays when a subject finishes a survey in the LifeOmic Platform displays the message shown below.

Survey Default

You are able to customize every part of the text of this submission message. This step is optional. If no action is taken, the default message above will display when subjects submit their survey.

To customize the submission message, click on the Custom Messaging section in the bottom left of the Survey Builder. You can only access this feature when your survey is in draft form. Once it has been finalized, you cannot change the submission message.

Survey Custom Message

  1. Click the Edit button in the Custom Messaging section.
  2. Enter your custom Header, Content, Accept Text, and Reject Text. Accept Text replaces the wording on the "Yes, Submit" button, and Reject Text replaces the "Back to Survey" wording.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Follow the instructions to Preview your Survey if you'd like to view how your custom submission message will look before sending it out to recipients. See an example of a custom message below.

Survey Custom Message Final

Choosing your Questions

When considering your question type, keep in mind your audience and the feedback you hope to collect. Response types can vary from open-ended text comments to Matrix/rating scales.

Note: Not all response types are graphable. The easiest responses to graph are Matrix, Single Textbox with numeric answer option, and Multiple Choice.

  1. Click Create Question.

    Create Question Dropdown

  2. Select one of the following question types from the dropdown menu:

    • Text (formattable informational text only, no response)

    • Single Textbox (short text response)

    • Checkbox (single statement requiring a yes/no response such as "Click this box if you were a patient of Acme Medical in 2019.")

    • Image (informational image with optional caption, no response)

    • Multiple Choice (preset list of options for responses)

    • Matrix (rating scale response)

    • Photo (allows subject to upload a photo as a response)

    • Lifeology (allows you to add a Lifeology course to your survey)

    Note: It is good practice to use a single searchable term before your questions to later aid in the analysis of the data. (For instance, "Goal: On average, how many days a week do you exercise for 30 minutes or more?" Prefacing the question with "Goal" allows you to search "Goal" and see all questions within the survey prefaced with that term.)

  3. Continue adding pages and questions to your survey, remembering to name your pages.

Publish the Survey

  1. When you are finished adding your questions, Click the Publish Survey & Collect Responses tab.

    Publish Survey

    It will open a dialog box asking if you wish to Publish the survey. Once you click Publish, you will NOT be able to go back and edit the survey.

    Survey Publish Button

  2. To learn more about sharing surveys with your participants, visit the detailed section on Assigning Surveys.

Once a survey is published, you can click on the Edit Survey button and access three additional survey tools:

  • Alerts - Click to learn more about setting up custom alerts for your survey responses

  • Schedule - Click to learn more about automated resending of your survey

  • Notifications – Click the expand icon and select how your users will be notified of an assigned survey. Select from:

    • Email

    • Push notifications (mobile app)

      If both are toggled on, your users will get both email AND push notifications.

Survey Alert Notify


Alerts, Schedule, and Notifications are only visible for setup if the survey has been published. If the survey is still in draft form, these options will not be visible.

If you no longer want to use the survey (for example, when wanting to use a newer version of the survey), you can archive your survey. Click the Close and Archive Survey tab.

Close and Archive A dialog box appears with the message: Archiving a survey finalizes its contents. Archived surveys can return to a published status at any time.

Preview Surveys

You can preview your survey before sending it out to your participants.

  1. Select the draft or final survey you want to preview.
  2. Click the Edit Survey button at the top right of page to open the Survey Builder.
  3. Click on the three dots in the far right corner to open additional options.
  4. Select Preview Survey from the dropdown menu.
  5. You can move through the survey questions to see how the survey will appear to your participants.

Survey Preview


You can view and analyze survey metrics and responses on the Manage Survey page. Click anywhere on the survey row to access it. To learn more about analyzing survey responses, visit the detailed section on Managing Surveys.

Participant Side of the Survey

  1. Participants invited to your survey will receive an email inviting them to take the survey. After clicking the Signup or Login button within the email, participants will be taken to the login/signup page to log into the account they have created.

    Note - Survey participants accessing the survey from a shared link will be taken directly to the LifeOmic Platform login/sign up page.

    LifeOmic Platform Login

  2. Participants will be asked to either accept or reject the survey invitation. Clicking Accept will take them to the next step in the survey process.

    Accept Survey Invitation

  3. If a Consent form is linked to the project, participants will be presented with the Consent and asked to reject or accept the terms of it. Clicking Accept will take them to the next step in the survey process. Survey Consent

    Note - If no consent is associated with the project, they will automatically start the survey.

  4. Participants will complete the survey.

  5. Once they have completed the survey and have clicked Submit, they will see the status has changed to completed.

    Survey Complete