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New Features and Enhancements

This page highlights updates to the LifeOmic Platform. For a guide to the major features, see the User Guide Topics.

First Quarter of 2023

  • DICOMweb™ API and DICOM Studies Module - Adds the ability to ingest DICOM files into the LifeOmic Platform and displays the imaging files in the subject viewer of the LifeOmic Platform web app.
  • FHIR Endpoints Documentation - Adds API reference documentation and an OpenAPI JSON specification for the LifeOmic Platform patient service FHIR endpoints
  • Clinical Trials with Notifications - Matches clinical trials with subject information from the LifeOmic Platform and sets up notifications for new matching or changed studies
  • Omics Actions and Ingestions - Triggers an AWS Step Function upon file ingestion for genomic processing
  • Marketplace - Shares functionality for LifeOmic apps developed by LifeOmic and third-parties